David M. Smith D.D.S.At the office of David M. Smith D.D.S., we offer comprehensive dental services to ensure that your smile is always its brightest. Look below to see a few of the services we offer with insightful tips and explanations.

Preventive Dentistry: If you are making an appointment to our office for an emergency or specific problem you can count on us to address your chief complaint! We love to see emergencies as getting patients out of pain or discomfort quickly is the most rewarding aspect of our practice.

However, we hope you are making an appointment to establish yourself as a new patient. On your first visit you will spend at least an hour and a half with Dr. Smith. He will review your Dental/Medical History, address any questions you may have, perform a comprehensive examination, take necessary X-rays and complete a thorough cleaning. Yes, Dr. Smith will clean your teeth the first time! This is his way of getting to know your teeth and mouth.

We would like you to return each 6 months to visit our dental hygienist for a periodic oral exam, six month cleaning (or prophylaxis) and topical fluoride application. This has proven to be the most efficient way to maintain a healthy smile. Regular cleanings and exams are not only important for keeping your mouth healthy, but are essential to your overall health.

David M. Smith D.D.S.Teeth Whitening: Whitening teeth is one of the most popular and enjoyable services we provide. Presently, we are using a product called Perfecta from the Premier Dental Products Company. There are many ways to whiten teeth. You may have seen advertisements for one hour in office procedures. We have found and it has been shown that our take-home technique is far less traumatic to your teeth although it takes more time. The results are more controlled and, best of all, longer lasting.
David M. Smith D.D.S.Restorative Dentistry: There are many ways to restore decayed or damaged teeth. The type of restoration that we choose is usually dependent on the severity of damage to the tooth. Most often, tooth-colored fillings are used, especially when the decay is diagnosed early. For more advanced areas of decay, laboratory-made inlays and onlays are often stronger alternatives. If more significant damage has occurred and a large portion of the tooth is missing, a full-coverage crown is necessary. Instead of asking the tooth to hold and support a filling material, full-coverage crowns cover and strengthen the existing tooth. We have many materials to create the crown to meet your specific needs. All ceramic E-Max, Zirconium, Bruxzir and porcelain-fused to metal are just a few of the options available to you.

David M. Smith D.D.S.Implant Dentistry: By far the best way to replace missing teeth is with Dental Implants. We use the best techniques and materials for removable prosthetics. Still, these are the least natural replacement. Dental Implants are titanium replacements for the tooth root. We use a team approach to Implant Restorative Dentistry. We work closely with Oral Surgeons to place the Implants in the jaw then once the implant has integrated with the bone we are able to build the custom crown of the tooth or teeth on top of the Implants. These stay in place and work and feel most like your natural teeth.

Bridges were popular in the past and we still have that option in certain situations. However, bridges require neighboring teeth for support. Removable, partial and complete dentures are an option as well.

David M. Smith D.D.S.Endodontics: As much as we enjoy replacing missing teeth, we do everything possible to save the teeth you have. Endodontic therapy or root canals seem to be the most feared treatment we provide. However it is our favorite procedure to perform. We can get our patients out of pain almost immediately and it is one of the most successful services we provide. Root canals remove sensitive or infected nerve tissue from inside the tooth eliminating pain, clearing up infection and allowing the tooth to be saved.

We understand the maligned reputation of this procedure as in years past required multiple appointments with discomfort in-between and patients reporting the tooth was lost anyway. Now, endodontic therapy can be performed in one appointment with immediate comfort in most cases. The tooth can be restored quickly with a full coverage crown to prevent further damage and loss.

David M. Smith D.D.S.Pediatric Dentistry: WE LOVE TREATING CHILDREN! In fact every February we celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month with field trips to our office with awesome preschoolers from Trinity Lutheran School. God gives us 20 deciduous teeth that we use into adolescence that are replaced by 32 adult teeth. We enjoy watching and helping growth and development.
Dr. David M. Smith DDSCosmetic Dentistry: In addition to tooth whitening we enjoy creating beautiful smiles. Limited orthodontics, direct bonding, porcelain veneers and all ceramic crowns can be used to correct alignment and change the shape and color of anterior teeth, often filling in missing spaces. Creating a beautiful natural smile is our goal.